The Air New Zealand App

What is the Air NZ app and how do I download it?
The Air NZ app is an application that enables you to:

  • View up to date details of your flight bookings
  • Access your mobile boarding passes
  • Receive push notifications for changes to your flights
  • Keep track of your Airpoints Dollars™ account balance

The Air NZ app is available for Apple iOS devices via the App Store and for Android devices on Google Play. Blackberry and other users can visit the Air New Zealand mobile website.

How do I sign in to the Air NZ app?
The sign in for the Air NZ app is your Airpoints login.

Do I need to enable push notifications for the Air NZ app?
Push notfications are used to notify you of any changes to your flight time or boarding gate number. We'll also use notifications to let you know when your flight has commenced boarding, and more.

When you download the Air NZ app for the first time push notifications are defaulted to on for Android and for iPhone you will prompted to accept them. To check to see if the Air NZ app push notifications are set to on or to enable them, follow these steps:

For iPhone: go to Settings -> Notification Centre -> AirNZ

For Android: access the in-app Air NZ app menu (top right of screen) and select the Notifications checkbox

To turn off individual notifications, for example for the weather, go to 'Your settings' within the Air NZ app.

How do I add a booking to the Air NZ app?
Bookings are automatically add for Airpoints™ members; just remember to include your Airpoints number when you book. You can also manually add a booking by entering the booking reference and family name for each booking.

Can I view someone else's flights on the Air NZ app?
Yes. You can manually add the flight of a friend or family member, or a colleague, by entering the booking reference and family name for their booking.

Is online check-in available for all flights?
Online check-in will not be available if your flight is operated by another airline, if the time is not within the period for which online check-in is available, or this functionality may not be offered for operational reasons.

Can I access my mobile boarding pass on the Air NZ app?
If you are eligible, you can access the boarding pass for your flight from the flight detail screen. Please note that the app will not show boarding passes for multiple passengers.

I have checked in online but can't see my boarding pass?
Some airports do not accept mobile boarding passes, or it may not be available for some other reason. Please collect your boarding pass at the airport.

Will I still be able to use my mobile boarding pass, if I do not have access to the internet?
Even though you are offline, the boarding pass information you last viewed is retained. However, it will not be refreshed with any changes, such as upgrades or seat changes.

I added a flight to my calendar, but it seems to appear at the a different date and time?
When you make a booking, the dates and times shown are local times, i.e. the departure time is based on the time at the origin and the arrival time is based on the time at your destination. If your calendar is in a different time zone, these times may appear to be offset.

Why are all my bookings removed when I sign out?
This provides a cleaner experience in case you want to sign in using another account. Don't worry, your bookings will be added again when you sign back in with the same credentials.

Do I have to join Airpoints™ to use the Air NZ app?
No, you can use the Air NZ app without joining Airpoints. However joining Airpoints means we can add your flights automatically to the app.

Are Airport Indoor Maps or Traffic Maps available for all the Airports?
No, not at this stage. However we will be adding more maps as they are available.

Are there plans to add more features to the Air NZ app?
Yes, we will be making regular enhancements to the Air NZ app.

How do I manage the sharing of my geo-location data with the Air NZ app?
Go to Settings -> Location Services to change this setting. To get full functionality within the Air NZ app please have location services switched on.